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Clopidogrel e-learning

The QIPP elearning resources are intended to support healthcare professionals and prescribing managers in making best use of the NPC’s document, Key therapeutic topics – medicines management options for local consideration. They:

  • discuss the rationale behind the options suggested with regard to key evidence and national guidance
  • consider concerns likely to be expressed by healthcare professionals and prescribing managers
  • review prescribing trends.

The resources which are available for this QIPP topic can be accessed via the links below. The elearning page suggests ways in which you may like to use them. For the most up-to-date information, please check whether any MeReC Rapid Reviews have been published since these materials were updated. For more detailed information you may find it useful to see what other NPC publications have been written on this therapeutic topic. Please see the menu on the left hand side of the page for relevant links. We have also provided links to external resources e.g. NICE guidance, which might be helpful.

Key slides

Download a copy of the clopidogrel key slides
Download a copy of the clopidogrel notes

Recorded commentary

Clopidogrel (11 min 03secs)

These slides are intended to help clarify the issues around the prescribing of clopidogrel, in support of the QIPP initiative. They can be downloaded to use in discussion with colleagues, or viewed online. Before using the key slides, it is very important to read the accompanying notes pages carefully and have a good understanding of the content and educational messages. The recorded commentary provides an introduction to the topic and highlights the key issues.